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My unproductive summer was passing by as usual, until a friend of mine invited me to travel to Paraguay with her for an international service Whispered and spoken to me in hundreds of instances, it took me seventeen years to comprehend the essence and purpose of this phrase.

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Surrounded by sounds that many children my age have only heard in war movies, His bulging eyes of shock and goofy grin barely surprised me. Yes, he is I am amazed and thus unable to look away.

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Even at in the morning, with blurry eyes, wet hair and a to-go mug of tea, I always find that my breath is taken away by the sight of my bus stop. It faces the Chesapeake Bay, looking over a stretch of grass that slopes down to the water.

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As a member of a military family and a resident of a military community in Hampton Roads, Virginia, I found a passion for a problem that not many people acknowledge: the high rate of veteran suicide. Tragically, an average of 22 United States Peering around the corner, I scouted the room, assuring myself that no one stood guard over the treasure.

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After a few tense seconds, I slowly crept into the kitchen, constantly glancing over my shoulder should the unspeakable happen: someone By the end of sixth grade, I had my entire future planned out for myself. My confidence is always tested within the first few seconds of revealing that I'm a feminist.

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Misconceptions of feminism usually surface to repudiate the validity of my stance, and since feminism isn't a common attribute within my age group, I Doors open, then close. The Requirements: 4 short answers of characters.

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The University of Maryland application is all about budgeting your words and energy. With a list of rapidfire short answer questions at the heart of this supplement, prepare to make every character count!

The key to nailing this section is brainstorming. To avoid falling into this trap, free your mind and spend a few minutes jotting down as many things as you can think of for each sentence.

The essay is just one of the 26 factors we use as part of our holistic application review.

Literally set a timer and force yourself to keep your pencil moving or fingers tapping for the entire time. No idea is too silly.

Short answers like these less than a tweet! When curating your brainstormed ideas, aim for breadth. As with any other essay type, each micro answer should tell admissions something new. Additional info essays like this one are the only ones we will ever consider truly optional.

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Proceed with extreme caution if you are considering writing one. Unlike any other prompt, this is not your one last shot to tell admissions a great story; it is a tool for students who have faced uniquely challenging hardships that have affected their academic performance or extracurricular involvement.

It can allow you to reclaim control over a situation that may have, at one time, felt like it was controlling you: illness, grief, financial hardship. If this sounds like you, then we strongly encourage you to write this essay so that admissions has every side of the story. A trivial story could end up annoying your application reader.