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Read 60 students to witness Chandrayaan -2 landing with PM Modi. This essay on Chandrayaan 2 is the crash course you need before tonight's moon landing As everyone awaits Chandrayaan-2's soft-landing on the moon, here's everything you need to know about India's lunar mission before it's landing tonight. All you need to know about Chandrayaan 2, India's lunar mission, before it's landing tonight.

China's Artificial Moon in Sky By 2020 - 8 times brighter than moon

Chandrayaan-1 was operational for days till August 29, Discoveries made by Chandrayaan-1 Chandrayaan-1 discovered traces of water on the moon and water ice in the north polar region of the moon. What is Chandrayaan-2? Chandryaan-2 comprises of an orbiter, lander Vikram and rover Pragyan.

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The moon is the closest cosmic body at which space discovery can be attempted and documented. Image: ISRO.

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Tell us what you didn't like in the comments. Her research focuses on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century French art, particularly works related to the cultural contact between France and Asia during the period. She is especially interested in issues of gender, race, and identity formation, as well as contemporaneous notions and constructions of Otherness.

Her current work examines the themes of liminality and masquerade in French paintings and prints, specifically portraits, created within the context of diplomatic exchange between France, the Ottoman Empire, and Southeast Asia. In he co-founded SMAK Projects, a New York-based exhibitions consultancy that organizes and produces museum exhibitions worldwide.

Guggenheim Museum in New York, with responsibility to oversee the planning and implementation of exhibitions in Bilbao, Berlin and other international venues. He has designed, managed or consulted on over exhibitions internationally.

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Additionally, Sean writes regularly on a variety of art-related topics, focused primarily on contemporary art and international cultural issues, most recently emphasizing the indigenous art of the Arctic regions. In , Sean designed and oversaw the construction and installation of two new museum buildings for the state of Qatar, successfully opening four exhibitions covering 10, square meters of galleries, creating the first museum of modern Arabic art in the Middle East.

Spurred by President John F.

This bold endeavor would employ close to a half million engineers, technicians, scientists and others both in government and industry. It fell to the crew of Apollo 9 in March , to fly the first test mission of the lander into space, spending 10 days in Earth orbit.

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The stage was set, then for a full dress rehearsal by the next crew to the launchpad. Their mission aboard was simple: Practice and work out the kinks and set the stage for a successful landing on the moon and safe return to Earth. It would be the first time the moon lander was flown in the environment for which it was built. All of the risks that they would take to prove out the equipment and procedures — launching; Earth-orbital docking; the three-day Earth to Moon cruise; lunar orbit undocking; descent of the lander nicknamed Snoopy almost to the surface; reascending and re-docking; three more days back to Earth; then a Pacific Ocean splashdown — were the same risks the Apollo 11 crew would have to take, with one distinction.

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A moon landing was not to be. They executed the rehearsal flawlessly.

While Young circled above them in the command and service module nicknamed Charlie Brown, Stafford and Cernan undocked for their descent toward the landing site in the smooth, dark volcanic plains of the Sea of Tranquillity. The view of the stark lunar landscape below them from that altitude, scarred by billions of years of impact cratering, was just as stunning to the crew.