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Protected areas are areas of land or sea dedicated to protection and maintenance of biodiversity. For example: e. Conservation of Forests is an important part of the environment, because trees clean the air and keep the atmosphere cool. We cannot live without plants, because the oxygen need for breathing is produced by plants.

Conservation, Preservation and Environmental Activism: A Survey of the Historical Literature

Trees absorb sunlight and reduce the heat. Plants provide fodder for animals, firewood, timber, medicines, honey, wax, gum, lac and food for us. Tree roots penetrate deep into the soil and from cavities in the ground. The dry leaves which fall on ground cover the soil and absorb more rain water, which slowly percolates through the soil. Thus, a large portion of the rain water can be retained in the field, by planting more trees. Flooding or rivers can be prevented by protecting trees in the forest. For the conservation of forests, following methods can be taken: a Conservation of forest is a national problem so it must be tackled with perfect coordination between forest department and other departments.

So, we must get them involved in this national task. What is Environment? Our Environment is our surrounding. This includes living and non-living things around us. The non-living components of environment are land, water and air. The living components are germs, plants, animals and people. All plants and animals adjust to the environment in which they are born and live.

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A charge in any component of the environment may cause discomfort and affect normal life. We need to protect our environment to live happily. How to Maintain a Good Environment? For better environment, all its components should be protected from pollution and the surroundings should be clean.

We need to take good care of our land, water resources, forests and atmosphere. It is also necessary to ensure a balance between these resources and living creatures, to meet our needs. Children in rural and urban areas can play an important role in preventing environment pollution very effectively there is great satisfaction in doing it ourselves.

What Can Rural Children do? Children in village can persuade their parents to: Use smokeless chulhas or install biogas plants; Provide smoke outlets and ventilation in the kitchen; Tie livestock outside the house and reduce their number Feed livestock in their sheds without letting them out for grazing; Plant trees around the house, on field bunds and along roadsides; — Develop filed bunds across the slope the retain more water and prevent the soil being washed away.

Plough the field across the slope; Keep tanks, canals and other water sources clean; Use the sewage water for growing trees; Keep the surroundings of the house and well clean; Prepare compost by using garbage, dung and other wastes; Select a suitable site for the toilet, away from water sources and houses. It can also be connected to the biogas plant; Use agro-chemicals carefully and try to avoid them. Plant products may be preferred wherever effective to protect crops; protect wildlife like frogs, snakes, mongoose, birds, etc.

What Can Urban Children do? Urban children can do a lot to reduce environment pollution. Plant tress in school and home premises. Dispose them in a garbage dump; you can also make a compost pit to convert garbage into manure; Waste paper, plastic, glass and metal pieces can be recycled this would reduce the pollution and conserve our resources; Avoid using plastic materials such as plates and carry bags which cannot be used again.

Moreover, when plastic is thrown away, it does not degrade but remains in the soil, polluting the surroundings; Do not make noise in public places; every likes quiet surroundings; Request your family members to use automobiles only when necessary; walking or cycling can be a pleasure when the distance is short; If someone is causing pollution in your area, inform the authorities through your teachers or parents.

We can protect our environment in many ways. Let us act now and persuade others to join us.

This will ensure safety for our future generations. Nature has provided bountiful resources surrounding us for sustenance of a better life.

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Thus, any part of our natural environment such as land, water, air, minerals, forest, grassland, wildlife, fish or even human population that man can utilize to promote his welfare, may be considered as Natural Resources. These resources, along with human resources and capital, play a crucial role for expansion to national output which ultimately drives towards economic development. Hence, the existence or the absence of favorable natural resources can facilitate or retard the process of economic development.

Natural resources include land, forests, wildlife resources, fisheries, water resources, energy resources, marine resources, and mineral resources. These resources are usually known to man. But nature possesses more in its bosom which is still undiscovered. For example, the vast resources of solar, wind, tidal and geothermal energy are yet to be fully discovered and utilized. Man is required to develop scientific techniques for their proper utilization.

Out of all those natural resources, some are exhaustible or nonrenewable type such as minerals and oils which can be used only one time. Once exhausted, they are depleted completely. But some others, like land, water, fisheries and forests are renewable or non-exhaustible in nature.

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Hence for sustainable development, careful use of the exhaustible resources and maintenance of the quality of renewable resources are needed. For that, certain objectives should be followed. Objectives for Natural Resources Development.

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A Land Resources The total land area of India is of 32, 87, sq. Ecotourism represents the future — it ensures that what we experience today in. Diversity words - 8 pages potential destabilization of entire marine ecosystems. The preservation of coral reefs should be a high priority along with forest ecosystems to preserve the biodiversity of life on Earth.

All rights reserved. Currently, Cincinnati Zoo makes use of four separate legacy point-of-sale systems with a single platform to provide data on all admission, membership, retail and food service sales. To monitor the number of visitors in certain areas, the zoo staff members make their rounds to observe. You have been hired by Cincinnati Zoo to provide them a. The Impact Of Sea Otters On Marine Ecology words - 6 pages coastal marine ecology and biodiversity through the preservation of kelp communities.

Implications of including sea otters in the endangered list Considering the impact of sea otters on marine ecology, their conservation under the wildlife endangered species act is an extremely worthwhile affair. It will not only preserve sea otters but also many other species whose primary habitats are the kelp forests. Therefore, allocating resources to. Conservation biology is a branch, which deals with certain factors threatening biodiversity as well as the preservation of genetic and biologic diversity of animal and plant species.

Threatened, endangered, and extinct species are only some factors that. Persuasion Essay words - 10 pages it is not necessary to have this redevelopment plan if the Government wants to boost the economy. Better preservation of the Fa Yuen Street and making it become a more popular tourist spot can also help boost the economy by improving the tourism industry, so do the other heritage sites.

In addition to the collision with the economic development, the Hong Kong Government would also argue, that the conservation of these cultural and. Economics of Bio-Diversity words - 11 pages basis of production, manufacturing, and waste disposal. Conceivably the reason why economics is central to biodiversity conservation is because unless it makes definite economic and financial sense for people to conserve biodiversity, it is highly unlikely that individuals will actually do so.

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People will continue to contribute to the loss of biodiversity by their day to day activity, such as clearing land for agriculture and harvesting timber. Virunga National Park words - 7 pages , with its new independence, the new state began to deteriorate and so did the park.

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