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Username: Password: signup now forgot password? Remember Me. Unit 1. Obesity causes multiple problems in children. Cause and Effect: Obesity. This is a cause and effect essay on obesity Both need to take action to examine the causes of this problem and find solutions. Only in rare cases is being overweight caused by a medical condition such as a hormonal problem. Cause and Effect in Childhood Obesity : Solutions for a Please review this problem and solution essay on obesity in children?

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Over the past few years, childhood obesity has been increasing in an alarming way. Solutions to obesity : perspectives from the food industry Solutions to obesity Because the problem is multidimensional, the solution Although it would be nice to think that this issue goes away, it is important…. Childhood obesity is a crucial problem that we are facing today.

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Many children have become obese these days and there seems no solution to be made. Companies became too self-focused that they barely care about their customers. All these advertisements about fast unhealthy junk food are causing our beautiful innocent children to be controlled by them. Also, we need to eat to survive, but overeating decreases our chances to stay alive in this world. Not exercising and not taking enough care of our…. Through weeks one and five, I discussed childhood obesity and how the medical condition starts in the home.

Whether the condition is inherited, brought on by diabetes or caused from a mental condition it generally starts in the home. It has been a problem in homes, schools and in adulthood, but does not stop there. Obesity has become an issue because it still has not reached it source enough, the home. After obesity falls into adulthood it can cause other medical conditions such as, certain cancers…. Childhood obesity Child obesity is huge in America, we are known as the fattest of them all.

There are so many children that suffer from diabetes and other health problems because of their weight. Although child obesity is a huge problem across the world, physical activity, healthier food choices, and a change in medication would help lower the numbers. Imagine walking into the kitchen after a long day of school opening the fridge to get something to eat, children see an apple and a piece of cake…. Over the years, obesity has increased all over the world and has affected mostly children. The temptation of sweets, fast food, and other unhealthy snacks has been the major cause of obesity in children especially due to the lack of resistance towards these foods.

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    What are the effects of early obesity?

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