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The answer is wastefulness, if you haven't yet figured it out. American are some of the most wasteful people in the world. Discarding everything from food, to money, to time -- Americans not only waste their own, but sometimes those of other people as well. America is a very gluttonous country. On a yearly basis, the average American can consume a grand total of 1 TON or pounds of food.

However, the real problem comes before and after the eating Better Essays words 2. It was one of the most thrilling, memorable and horrifying experiences I have ever had. When I arrived in New York I was filled with enthusiasm and ready to explore the city that never sleeps. I conveyed this excitement to my Hotel Concierge, who advised me to visit Times Square. I began to walk from my hotel, which was located near Central Park to Times Square.

As I drew closer, the sounds of the horse chariots were replaced with the buzzing sound of over , people who come to visit Times Square everyday advertised in Time Square Better Essays words 3. Germany who feared the growing Slavic nationalist movement in Russia and the overall booming arms race of the major powers sought to gain power by aligning itself with the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Ultimately Nationalism, Imperialism and militarism were the key points that led up to the Great War Better Essays words 3 pages.

A faction of our neighbors greet this futuristic, modern, and secular culture with open arms; and yet there is still a substantial group whom values the older and more traditional culture. The foreclosure crisis was not created by one issue but a combination of issues. It will take more than one idea to bring the crisis to an end and stabilize the housing market.

Both individuals and financial institutions are responsible for the current mess.

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Emplumada analysis essay kahulugan ng buhay essays humanistic psychology essay catherine dressayre focalecig local food movement essay writer redban and duncan argumentative essays social media in sports essays robert hayden middle passage analysis essay. Therefore, the positive interventions are much needed to steer adolescents on the right path to true happiness.

The Easterlin Paradox envelops the concepts of both happiness and materialism. An economist by the name if Richard Easterlin found out two extremely interesting concepts. The first being that as a country becomes richer, and its citizens exceed their basic needs, people do not report that they are any happier than they were before the change. Second, that people in rich- countries do not report being much happier than people in poor-income countries.

The Easterlin Paradox leads one to conclude that enviably rich individuals with bountiful possessions are as happy as a low-income individual. Hudder adds that when a person has additional money most of their time goes into luxury goods such as: vacations, extra cars, and sometimes very unnecessary objects like supplying themselves with numerous basic needs.

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These individuals are in fact not as happy as their possessions show, because they still have not filled their minds with the concept of true happiness only empty their wallets in hopes of finding such happiness. The age of adolescents is known to be one of the most vulnerable age groups. This unfortunate fact causes them to be affected by several worldly aspects. One specific life concept that children begin to learn at an early age is peer acceptance.

Once a child is accepted by their peers, their confidence and self-assuredness increases. Depending on how a person was treated as a young child by other peers can strongly predict how that child will develop into an adult. Chaplin adds that children absorb the accepts of others, especially by other children. This acceptance enhances their confidence and self-esteem. Children who are rejected by their peer will certainly have low self-esteem and second guess themselves.

This results in them having a difficult time trying to free themselves of their insecurities. Therefore, forcing them to seek out other avenues of acceptance for a needed balance in their life.

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Chaplin concluded that if a child does become affected by negative impacts of peer acceptance there are two unfortunate routes an adolescent can select from. If a child goes through different social environments and continually become rejected by their peers, this cause and effect concept will influence a developing person to acquire insecurities. These insecurities will transfer into adulthood and can affect their relationships, job opportunities and even their own children.

In addition to having several social insecurities, these now developed adults will cling to materialistic objects or concepts as their own refuge. Polak explains that since these individuals have learned to cope with their situation they have learned to protect themselves from even their own true happiness.

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Worldly possession has brought these individuals a great level of happiness, and has allowed them to escape the rejection of others, but to be truly happy is to cultivate friendships with genuine people. Therefore, by feeding the insecurity, they are not discovering their own personal happiness.

It is crucial to have psychological needs met in the early stages of development because they can prove to greatly impact a child if not attended to correctly.

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To further explain the basic needs: safety, competence, connectedness, and self-sufficiency, can also specifically affect each different age group of a developing child. Polak concludes that, if a person is neglected the correct guidance of these basic needs, and left to mold their own development, social media and worldly possessions will rule and depict their life. The individual striving to eliminate their insecurities with materialism will only force them to grow larger. Polak adds that self —confidence through materialistic concepts and objects is not a secure way to fulfill ones happiness and life satisfaction.

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When transitioning into the adult stage of life there are several concepts of materialism that come into play. Luxury consumption is one of the main concepts, seeing that as a person matures they are able to support themselves. Status and value are highly appreciated among the people of the twenty first century and luxury brands are at its center.

When a person acquires items of such high quality their cultural status increases, and the higher quality item one possesses the more their status grows. This cycle of buying luxury brand items that can eventually elevate status and can become addictive and result in drastic changes in a person.

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Normally materialistic people see the acquisition of name brand items as a source of satisfaction of life Hudders