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Alkali burn and Saponification are terms which refer to chemical reactions that occur in concrete, which can result in these conditions Download. Control joints or shoulders must be maintained to prevent damage and spalling that if neglected will result in damaging the material handling equipment, interfere with facility production and negatively impact employee morale. Eklund's offers turn-key services from in-house design to installation.

Our experts work with building managers to meet both aesthetic desires and budget requirements. The Unified Approach to Energy Transformation is the first framework showing how the global trends impacting your business necessitate a more comprehensive energy strategy. Developed by EnerNOC, PwC, and Winston Eco-Strategies with perspectives from an advisory council of corporate executives and government and academic thought leaders, this framework will show you the value of developing a robust energy strategy, and the risk of maintaining the status quo.

What is green building?

Each year, the arrival of spring brings to mind the task of spring cleaning. The existing building environment directly and indirectly impacts the health, safety and productivity of occupants and operations, which makes the performance of a facility an important consideration. The basic underlying principle of building commissioning is just that - testing and inspecting systems, equipment, operations and controls to make certain they are working optimally, both in terms of effect and costs to achieve that effect.

The efficiency of various chiller plant designs and operation strategies is a hot industry topic. Also reverberating through the industry is the concept of the all-variable-speed chiller plant. This White Paper compares the impact of the addition of VSDs to various chiller plant components under a few different design and control conditions.

Retrofitting your system with LED lighting replaces some of its components. The resulting infrastructure saves energy and improves durability of your system. A retrofit is not a full system replacement. In the majority of cases, LED retrofitting is much less expensive than fully replacing your lighting. Brought to you by: Yardi. Since the economic recession, the number of new multifamily developments has increased significantly and rental properties are arguably one of the hottest investments in the industry right now.

Many U. This white paper illustrations how both large and mid-sized cities are being transformed by numerous urban infill developments, as the demand for rentals and a general need for more housing options are stronger than ever. Brought to you by:Youtil. In addition to managing the vast array of challenges involved in any real estate development project, green building presents an additional stressful issue for project owners who are not yet familiar with their full range of green construction funding options.

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Brought to you by: Eservus Online Concierge Services. One of the biggest challenges for property managers is quantifying the financial impact of a tenant service strategy.

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Many property managers think that a tenant service strategy is a good idea, but they have a hard time justifying the costs, because the benefits are intangible. Or are they? Brought to you by: Siemens. While the U. This white paper demonstrates how data-driven buildings, whether stand-alone or part of a campus, can help diverse organizations achieve significant business goals by improving operational and energy efficiency while increasing overall shareholder value.

Brought to you by: Waterford Consultants. Proudly serving the wireless community since , Waterford Consultants provides a diverse collection of technical and consulting services to wireless customers. Our expertise in all areas of wireless including compliance, engineering, site development and software services offers our customers support from start to signal. The nature of modern buildings is changing dramatically. The white paper, titled Local Leaders in Sustainability — Green Incentives, will be followed up with advocacy efforts to transform the content in the white paper into actionable legislation and initiatives on the local and state level.

The white paper analyzes data from local and state-level research on green incentive programs, including the Local Leaders in Sustainability study, as well as input from the Developers Roundtable, a discussion among relevant stakeholders on incentive options for the building sector. To view the full report, click on this link.

AeroBarrier: The latest in tight home envelopes. Serenbe shows sustainability gaining ground with wellness movement. New solar product 'beats the heat'.

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