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However, Larry always concentrating on the fact that, empowering the team will assist in managing work and operations in effective and efficient manner. However, success of company appears to be what Michael inputs in it. Despite of having autocratic leadership style, he is leading Ryanair in effective manner which indeed leads to generate best possible outcomes. Further, as the leadership approaches used by CEO are famous in terms of rude towards passengers with disabilities his staff and regulators Zhang and Bartol, Along with this, owner is considered as the anti-hero to the firm but always leading in appropriate way that generates feasible and suitable results for the firm.

Jaworski and Seng state that, there are several business disciplines that Ryanair undertakes in order to carry out business operations in more systematic manner such as strategic vision of providing low cost fairs to the customers so that they move easily from one of Europe to another. We believe in serving our customers with the most reliable assignment help. Leadership is regarded as one of the crucial topic in today's dynamic business world. The company like Google and Ryanair are both successful businesses within their industry.

In accordance with the views of author it has been examined that role of leadership greatly contributes towards success of the firm.

It has been determined that Goggle is more successful in comparison with Ryanair which is one of the struggling business. In case of Goggle leadership role model plays an important role in making it a successful organization Lieberman and Miller, It has been determined that CEO of Goggle possess the traits such as he is intelligent and creative. Further he has quality of being driven, ambitious and collaborative.

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As per the views of author it has been determined that the following traits has resulted in creating innovative approach to work. Thus when the entire team works towards the direction of such team leader then this results in attainment of business targets.

Further this sets unique position of the company before market for long run course of time. The major leadership lesson behind the success of Google is that it plays offense. Along with this it is expanding its position in an effective manner. The firm might have managed to make decision to stay solely focused on search but they have foresighted to move ahead of certainty Chemers, Author asserts that Google has emerged and maintained its position as dominant search platform but they have also leveraged their offensive mindset to gain dominant position outside search as well.

It has been determined that Google has gained greater attention and commendation for its unusual organization culture. This is developed with the aim to encourage both loyalty as well as creativity. The firm has developed several products through emphasis on innovation. This has resulted in increasing popularity of the firm in the market. This is the major reason due to which Google has gained huge success. The company follows democratic approach under which each person can effectively present ideas before the top management. Further the decision making is done through participation of all Anderson and Anderson, This results in motivating the personnel and result in attaining desired goals of the firm.

As per the views of author the CEO of Google Larry Page has been inspiration for its employees due to the leadership style he possess. He looks towards technological aspect in increasing the demand for the product in the market. For most of Google's history and particularly in the recent years Google has adopted laissez faire policy in relation to leadership. In accordance with the views of author it has been gained that the firm recruited smart engineers, promoted brilliant people on leadership position Frohlich and Oppenheimer, From the analysis it has been gained that the qualities of leadership that has made Google attain unique position include good coach, listening to team ideas, result oriented and possess technical skills.

In addition to this the leaders also empower interest within the team, acts as good communicator and assist the employees in their career development. In contrast to this it has been determined that Ryanair is less successful business as compared to Google. This is because of reason that leadership style in this organization is autocratic. The leadership model adopted by him is clever in terms that he is risk taker while making day to day decisions Bass and Stogdill, On the contrary author asserts that the decision made by him in relation to low cost strategy has assisted the firm in surviving the market for long run.

There is presence of less motivation among the employee but still the company is able to attain its objective through the strategy that has been developed by CEO. There is unusual leadership style followed by the leader which has resulted in increasing the survival of the firm Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee, Both Google and Ryanair are going successful in their field but the approach to leadership in both the cases in different.

This has put Google ahead of Ryanair in terms of attaining unique position in the market.

It has been determined that Ryanair put the decision on the employees which affects the motivation level of the personnel. This has affected the productivity of the firm to a significant level. In accordance with the views of author it has been determined that approach to leadership determines the extent to which the business can attain competitive advantage in the market Greem, There are very approach to leadership which possess both pros and cons.

It has gained from the viewpoints of author that leadership can be autocratic, participative as well as consultative. Google has increased usage of participative style in order to gain success for longer term as such it keep involving its employees in the process of decision making. But in contrast to this Ryanair feels that being autocratic in nature assist them in attaining success for long run course of time Bolman and Deal, Synder, This is because the decisions developed by the leader has assisted company in gaining sound position in the market.

Moreover it has acted as an aid for the firm in increasing its profitability and sales to a greater extent. With this the firm is able to survive in the market for greater span. But due to autocratic leadership style the firm is still struggling one. From the viewpoints of author it can asserted that type of style possessed by leader significantly affects the existence of the business in long run course of time.

It is important for the business to examine such leadership style that can help business in attaining success Aaker and Joachimsthaler, Such determination can be made through involvement of the personnel in the process of decision making. On the basis of above study, various aspects related to business functioning of both firms has been identified.


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However, there are clear differentiation between the approaches of both the firms which defines their success and failures. Management and leadership approaches plays crucial role for the managers as they are able to conduct or execute the activities or operations of business in effective and efficient manner DePree Spillane, There are several modern approaches to management which can be used by management of both firms so that innovation and creativity can be encouraged as well as low cost fares can be offered to the customers. However, on the view point of Jackson and Parry , the modern business ideologists have recognized the social responsibilities of business operations and strategic thinking on similar lines.

Furthermore, these management theories focuses on the development of each factor of workers and organisation. The main purpose of these theories is to make the use of systematic mathematical techniques in the system which assist in analysing and understanding the inter-relationship between management and workers Ward, There are three different modern approaches to management that can be used by the senior authority of Google and Ryanair in order to enhance the decision making and attaining desired results and outcomes in such a competitive working environment. Firstly, quantitative approach is one the modern method that are used by management of different organisation to make corrective and precise decisions regarding future contingency.

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Dissertation on Leadership Styles of Two Multinational Companies

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