Cause and effect of racial discrimination essay

Economic cause and effect of racial discrimination essay policy, zoning why marriage matters essay regulations like the Mt. Ninety years of research paper post traumatic stress disorder Jim Crow. What is definition essay Dissertation editing company Essay on why i want to be a nurse. Cause and effect of racial discrimination essay Learn about discrimination, affirmative action, education, crime, politics, and more Additional adam smith research paper insights into power inequities are offered by Beyond Intractability project participants Speech On Racism.

Racism is the discrimination of a person because of the race that. Racism and Huckleberry Finn by Allen Webb includes list of works for teaching. Discover Great Essay Examples. How Diversity Makes Us Smarter. Resources on this Site: 1.

Cause and effect of racial discrimination essay

Sixty years of separate but equal. Discrimination brings the meaning unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice and partiality.

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It can lead to emotions such as frustration and anger. In humans, it is a mild or serious form of suffering, often with anger about this, in particular, if applicable, anger at the person or persons who caused it. Effects of Discrimination. Discrimination poisons the atmosphere of trust that we need in order to live peacefully. The effects of racial, sexual, and religious discrimination have both mental and physical consequences such as: depression, stress and anxiety.

The three most prominent effects of discrimination are Inferiority, fear, and anger. Inferiority is a major issue when discussing the effects of discrimination.

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  • Then in the Brown vs. In the experiment to prove this hypothesis many black children were given a variety of white dolls and black dolls. They were then told to describe what they thought of each doll. The results were in fact that majority of the young black children related the bad characteristics with the black dolls and the good characteristics with the white dolls.

    It was then proven that discrimination have long term inferiority issues with the children. The Effects of Discrimination on Society. As far as historical records show, no society or nation has been immune to discrimination, either as victim or victimizer. Contemporary forms of discrimination date back to when European colonizers penetrated and transformed previously isolated societies and peoples.

    The more extreme forms of discriminatory practices include genocide, slavery, legislated discrimination such as Apartheid , discriminatory immigration laws, and disenfranchisement. Less extreme forms of prejudice and discrimination, but nevertheless pervasive and oppressive, include social exclusion at the institutional level such as in schools and hospitals , and the more subtle forms practiced by the media.

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    Our world has always been faced with the problem of discrimination. It is one of the most discussed topics nowadays and throughout history. In all countries there is most likely at least one type of discrimination that affects different groups of people. The definition of discrimination is the denial of opportunity or equal rights for a specific group of people that may be differentiated by things such as their religion, color of skin, or gender. Discrimination can be confused with other terms such as prejudice and stereotype.

    The world we live in has been struggling with this sensitive subject for as long as we have recorded. Stereotypes are images held in our minds in regards to certain racial or cultural groups, without consideration of whether the images held are true or false.

    The effects of racial profiling

    Stemming from stereotypes is prejudice. The prejudicial attitude occurs when we prejudge a person, good or bad, on the basis that the stereotypes associated with the person or group being prejudged are true. Discrimination is the combination of theboth, but involves actually acting out with unfair treatment, directing the action towards the person or group.. Since start the modern life discrimination has given different destines for people the entire world.

    People still face racism in most countries as USA, Africa and Brazil, even with the end of apartheid have a high difference between black and White.

    Unfortunately the opportunities for white people in these countries are better than for black. In Brazil the impact of this discrimination is shown through the statistic of per capita income that in white families are bigger than in Afro families.

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    Women have been fighting for their rights and have changed society, becoming important politicians and leaders. Religious discrimination has been the cause of most of wars.

    Just to be Jewish caused the death of millions of people in the second war. Nobody likes to be different and its even more difficult when others do not accept differences. Homosexuals are one example of the effect of intolerance. Gay or lesbians were treated as sick people, a psychological disease. Society made a big progress about homosexuality, in some countries it is already permitted married between people of the same gender and have had a positive effect in this society.

    The Need to Fight Discrimination. Discrimination runs against the most fundamental values of a modern society. It is a threat to democracy, which is predicated on the idea of a society in which arbitrary hierarchies and preferences based on e. Democracy recognizes the equal worth and equal rights of all citizens, unlike various authoritarian systems of rule.

    Equality, by way of prohibition of discrimination, is also the cornerstone of human rights: all human rights belong to all, without discrimination of any kind, and as such the concept of equality is implicitly embedded in the notion of human rights itself. The right of all persons to equality before the law and protection against discrimination constitutes a universal human right recognized in several human rights instruments, f or instance the Universal Declaration on Human Rights UDHR. Prohibition of discrimination is also an essential element of national legal systems, as it seeks to eliminate arbitrariness in decision making, enhancing the inclusiveness and predictability of decision making and thus the functioning of the legal system.

    Discrimination not only forms a menace to the society, but also to the individual who is subjected to such an adverse treatment. Discrimination is a direct denial of the equal worth of the victim, and as such, acts of discrimination have a dual negative effect: the denial of a right, service or good that the person is entitled to, and the denial of the full and equal worth of that person.

    Discrimination is made all the more grave by the fact that it often takes place on grounds that are not subject to choice, such as ethnic or racial origin, sex, age, sexual orientation or disability. The consequences of discrimination match the severity of the offence: discrimination has a causal link e. Law is one of the most, if not the most important tool in the fight against discrimination.

    Hence it is essential that there exists laws against discrimination and that those laws are duly implemented. The judicial system has a fundamental role to play, as it represents authority and public order, an d has been entrusted with the task of providing legal safeguards to the victims of discrimination.