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You will cover a minimum of three different topic areas as part of the coursework, ranging from radio, film, photography, TV, advertising and marketing, print, web-based media, news and music promotion. Students will work on a pre-set brief, with a pre-determined audience in mind, from a range of set assignments. For example: Assignment 1 - Analyse the cover pages of two popular magazines.

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How do the covers appeal to their audiences? Practical assignment - Design the cover for one edition of a magazine aimed at a specific audience.

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Assignment 2 - Explore the way in which one product, band or artist is represented and promoted across at least two different media e. Practical Assignment B Audio-Visual media - Devise a storyboard for a music video promoting the same band or artiste. Assignment 3 - Construct a second trailer or two 60 second teaser trailers for a feature film aimed at a specific audience.

Inventiveness and willingness to participate and experiment will be essential for all students. You will study: Textual Analysis how to 'deconstruct' texts and their meanings ; Cross-Media Topics how institutions use a range of media to promote products ; Media Languages, Producers and Production Techniques. You will learn: How to analyse the 'language' of media texts; How to reflect on the cultural messages and values presented in texts; How to compare different texts, their institutions and their audiences; How to use production techniques, technical skills and evaluative skills to create media products.

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Please see Mr Gunn for the school password details, or e-mail your request by clicking here. However, for further tutorials on CS3, please refer to the Adobe website. The tasks and stimulus material are released four weeks in advance Assignment Bank 1 - words Topic: Magazine Covers Analytical task: Analyse the audience appeal of TWO magazine or newspaper covers.

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Please note: Written parental permission for study of set films is required in order to commence study. Media Studies builds upon the expertise attained at GCSE level, alongside introducing a more expansive range of media language and theoretical perspectives.

Examples of A Level Production Work

The study of AS and A Level Media Studies is more expansive and accompanies more media forms: advertising and marketing, film marketing, music videos, newspapers, video gaming, radio, television, magazines and video blogs. Within each form, there is a specified set text for students to develop their understanding of the varying areas of the media studies theoretical framework: Media Language, Representations, Industries and Audiences.

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  6. GCSE Media Studies Coursework - Magazine research and planning this detail of coverage of magazine covers over lots of different fashion magazine brands to widen my research. Graduate Coursework Newhouse School - Syracuse University research into relevant audiences was also very effective because i created a moodboard of all the different types of.

    MA in Media Studies: Coursework and Research NMMU ra work plan — through which ras and research directors agree upon and document specific tasks and expectations — will guide your work throughout the semester and provide the criteria for your review. Scholarly dissertation synonym.

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