Unfolding case studies in nursing education

Consistent structure of critical reasoning provided to practice nurse thinking. No consistent structure is present to provide a repetitive framework for clinical decision making that help students translate the case study to clinical practice. Case study unfolds over time. If a scenario only has a single scenario, this is a weakness. Successful Implementation Strategies Many articles in the nursing literature communicated practical principles that improved learning outcomes.

The use of unfolding case studies: Innovation in online undergraduate nursing education

Repetition of case studies improved clinical decision making Yang et al. Break students in small groups to discuss. Establish ground rules for small group work. To ensure successful small group work, instruct students to value and appreciate the differences of others, use direct communication, provide honest feedback, make the group a safe place to differ Baumberger-Henry, Faculty will facilitate and guide the discussion of the case study as each small group presents, Costello, Just like simulation, debrief afterwards.

Debriefing will consist of asking reflection questions that students will write down and then share as time allows that include: What did you do well in this case study? What knowledge gaps did you identify?

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What did you learn? How will you apply learning to future patients you care for? Action Steps Take a moment to reflect and determine if the case studies you are currently using provide the format structure that will facilitate the development of clinical judgment? Free Case Study To get you started, check out my free case study downloads on sepsis with two levels of complexity. In Closing Nursing education remains in need of radical transformation.

Nurse Education Today, 25 3 , Benner, P. Educating nurses: A call for radical transformation.

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Bussard, M. Postdebriefing activities following simulation. Teaching and Learning in Nursing, 12 , Costello, M. Benefits of active learning: Applying Brunners discovery theory to the classroom-teaching clinical decision making to senior nursing students. Hong, S. International Journal of Nursing Studies , 68 , 16— Thinking like a nurse: A research-based model of clinical judgment in nursing.

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Journal of Nursing Education, 45 6 , — Yang, F. Improving clinical judgment by simulation: A randomized trial and validation of the Lasater clinical judgment rubric in Chinese. BMC Medical Education. How to make learning active and practice problem recognition and rescue!


Unfolding Cases

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Part I. Keith Rischer September 26, Keith Rischer August 8, Use evidence-based practice to collaboratively develop and refine goals of care for patients with chronic, progressive conditions.

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Work interprofessionally to ensure the best quality of care for the patient and family. Content Categories:. Intended learner audience:.

Implementing a Reverse Case Study Interactive Design in the Classroom Setting

Advanced Practice Nursing Student. Geriatric Competencies:.

Nurse Dilemma Case Study: Student to Faculty Incivility

Learning resource types:. Other Learning Resource Type:. Interactive Online Web Module. Internal Medicine. Estimated time to complete:. Resident Level Competencies:.

Using the Unfolding Case Study in Midwifery Education

Medication Management. Complex or Chronic Illness es in Older Adults. Conflict of Interest Disclosure:. Yes, I we have conflict of interest to disclose.