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Considering the costs of defending a lawsuit or avoiding court, small-business owners are well-advised to deal with conflict quickly and directly. Hire Smart to Avoid Conflict The CPP study found that the primary causes of workplace conflict are related to personality clashes, followed by stress and workload. Thompson emphasizes that in any workplace, a balance of personality types is needed, as is an understanding that people deal with conflict in different ways.

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In a more perfect world, it would be possible to identify the "one person who causes conflict" before you hired him. And the job before that? How did you get along with your co-workers? Beware of excuses like "They didn't understand me" or "There was someone who had it in for me. Sember also recommends being upfront about your company.

I have [candidates] spend time with the people they'll be working with. That has worked very well for me. Ultimately, finding ways to deal with conflict comes down to the leadership of an organization, says Ralph Kilmann, an expert in the field of conflict management and one of the authors of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. Awareness of the culture and how it can actually encourage conflict is the first step toward fixing it.

Those conversations take time, energy and effort--but compared to the real costs of workplace conflict, finding healthy resolutions is a win-win situation for everyone.

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5 Benefits of Workplace Conflict | Queen's University IRC

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Research - Managing Violence and Conflict in the Workplace

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Workplace conflict resolution in Wales: The unexpected prevalence of alternative dispute resolution

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You can put policies and procedures in place to help prevent and manage workplace conflict. For more information see preventing conflict. Change can make employees feel vulnerable and uncertain, as they worry about their future career prospects. Therefore, managers should communicate and consult with employees about future changes so that they don't feel alienated and raise grievances.

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