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It shows that sometimes firms were the least enthusiastic partners in creating cartels. Lazuka, V. Defeating disease: Lasting effects of public health and medical breakthroughs between and on health and income in Sweden. Lennard, J. Economic fluctuations in the United Kingdom, — Modern drivers of the business cycle, such as shocks to regions, monetary policy, uncertainty and banking crises, were also important perturbations between the Industrial Revolution and the Second World War.

Department of Economic History, University of Stockholm. By documenting that narrative enactment, the dissertation acknowledges the dynamics of a social movement historiography in the making. Matilainen, R. Production and consumption of recreational gambling in twentieth-century Finland. The research offers new insights into the role of state-governed gambling monopolies for economic historians. Molinder, J. Interregional migration, wages and labor market policy: Essays on the Swedish model in the postwar period.

The dissertation uses new data to re-evaluate the drivers of economic change during the period and shows that features such as the solidaristic wage policy and the mobility-oriented labor market policies played less of a role than previously thought. Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tampere.

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The manor estates were economically more a part of urban society than of the rural society in which they were located. The thesis sheds new light on entrepreneurship and the development of the Finnish economy and Finnish society, and participates in the debate about entrepreneurship from the perspective of business history.

Nielsen, H. Coal, commerce and communism: Empirical studies on energy history in the Czech Republic. It addresses the utilization of energy in shaping modern economic growth through structural and technological change and the implications of those changes for specialization and foreign trade. New historical data is collected and utilized to investigate the impact of changing institutional settings on energy and economic growth. Pasay, S. Stable media in the age of revolutions: Depictions of economic matters in British and Swedish state newspapers, — State newspapers, a form of stable media, are investigated to understand how economic matters were expressed during an age of revolutions, a new approach to understanding the economy from an historical perspective.

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Sahari, A. It provides a new meso-level technopolitical interpretation of Finnish war reparations to USSR — through the critique of micro-business and macro-economic history. Institutional perspectives on retailing: Rethinking the adoption of large-scale retailing in Finland.

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In particular, the study advances the theoretical understanding of institutions within the neo-institutionalist view of organization studies. Solbakken, E. The wealth of a young nation: On voting rights, financing plights, and long-run wealth inequality in Norway. Department of Economics, University of Oslo. Taken together, it provides novel evidence on the development of Norwegian institutions and the development in inequality.

Sundelin, A. Expensive living and costly entertainment: Britons as aspiring consumers in Jamaica c. By focusing on the white inhabitants of the island as consumers, rather than slave-owners or traders, this thesis contributes to research within the history of consumption.


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Sztern, S. Russia on the move: the railroads and the exodus from compulsory collectivism — I anticipate a novelty-laden disputation with Prof. Robert Fogel. From Oligarch to Benefactor? Legitimation strategies among the wealthy elite in Post-Soviet Ukraine. The thesis develops an analytical tool inspired by a plurality of disciplines. The analysis sheds light on the agency of individual actors in relation to oligarchy as a social system, moreover, it contributes to the understanding of the role of elite giving in transition economies as well as in social change movements.

The main finding is that the effect was non-trivial and heterogeneous across different parts of the city. Tegunimataka, A. Trajectories of integration: Naturalization, intermarriage and education in Denmark, — Thavenius, R. Department of Economy and Society, Gothenburg University. Theodoridis, D. Development constrained — Essays on land as a factor in nineteenth-century industrialization and trade. Through a series of four research essays, it examines the changing role of natural resources, and specifically that of land, for economic development during the era of the first industrialization.

Toivanen, T. Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki. Turunen, R. Velka, vararikko ja tuomio: konkurssi ja sen merkitykset luvun suomalaisissa kaupungeissa [Debt, financial ruin and judgement: Bankruptcy and what it meant in Finnish cities in the nineteenth century]. It gives a useful basis for further studies contemplating the prerequisites of 19th-century business life.

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Uppenberg, C. Gender, contract, and power relations in the servant institution in Sweden, —]. Department of Economy and Society, University of Gothenburg. This leads to the conclusion that servants were already regarded less as family members and more as part of modern labour relations during the agrarian revolution. Widmalm, H. Exploring the mores of mining: The economy of the Great Copper Mine, — Wiell, K. Bad mot Lort och Sjukdom: Den privathygieniska utvecklingen i Sverige — The contribution of this thesis is how economics can be affected by health as well as how new knowledge together with a strong belief can change a social norm and the behaviour of a whole nation.

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The dissertation contributes to the business history of fashion, providing new insights on business failure, as well as brand revival processes, including entrepreneurial profiles and strategic uses of the past in both production and storytelling. Zheng, Y. How immigrants invent: Evidence from Sweden. Source: Surveys in , and Note: One dissertation can be classified into several categories; therefore the total number of cases is , whereas the total number of dissertations is Skip to Main Content.

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