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Make a summary prior to beginning writing the content. The meaning of knowledge is power is that real power comes from the knowledge which distinguishes man from animals. It is very true that human beings are physically weak than animals however they are not so weak by mind because they have knowledge which gives them true power to handle almost everything in the world. Man is considered as the clever creature on the earth even after being weak physically than other creatures.

Man has a mind, full of knowledge and thus full of power which make them able to manage various up and down circumstances in the life. There are many things which man cannot do physically such as running on bare foot, see far like an eagle, run so fast like panther, fight with forest animals, carry heavy loads, smell fast like dog, etc; but he can do all things through the technologies developed by him by using his power of knowledge. Man has ability to get knowledge from books, research and experience , preserve into books and again pass on that knowledge to their successive generations.

The use of knowledge depends on the man; he can use it in positive and negative ways too. The use of knowledge in positive ways give lots of benefits to the humanity however, in the negative ways, it may destroy the whole planet.

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Man has power to wisely use the knowledge for mankind in order to create a better and safer world. True knowledge keeps people away from the fights, corruption and other social issues harmful for the humanity. Undoubtedly, we can say that knowledge is power which can bring countless happiness to the people if it is used in the right direction especially for the welfare of whole humanity. Knowledge opens the eyes of people and opens all the way to success. Knowledge is power is the most famous and true proverb said by the famous personality named, Francis Bacon. Knowledge helps to differentiate between human beings and animals.

Knowledge helps in improving the personality of man; it creates self confidence and brings lots of patience to do most difficult tasks in the life. We can say godmother to the knowledge because it gives ways to all the discoveries, inventions, and explorations. Knowledge gain is not limited to anything; it can be gained by the person all through the life of any age.

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Knowledge gain is a long process of dedication, patience and continuity. It is like unlimited money which can never be finished, however the level of knowledge of a person increases with the distribution among needy people.

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A person can gain some new knowledge through the regular observation and experimentation. For example, Newton discovered theory of gravitation and there are other many famous scientists who have been discovered amazing things in life involving in making life easy and advance on the earth.

All have been possible because of the power of knowledge. All the modern technologies discovered in many countries individually have made countries so powerful economically and militarily than other countries, all are based on knowledge. The underlying secret of every success is the power of knowledge which ultimately gives a person name, fame and money.

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  8. India has also done a lot in the field of science, research, medicine, education, etc; still developing continuously in various fields to be a powerful country on the basis of knowledge. On the surface level, both look similar, if not the same. But the thing is, wisdom is more abstract in nature and knowledge is somewhat technical. Knowledge comes from reading, exploring, learning, and educating oneself. In order to increase the knowledge, one can turn toward reading more books or learning and specializing in a skill.

    In other words, it is measurable up to a certain extent. Wisdom is what life and its experiences teach us. Being wise is not the same as being intelligent. It is about much more than just the skills and mastery of a subject. In fact, wisdom is about human virtues, that makes us different from other animal species. These virtues are developing empathy, having compassion and kindness, becoming more self-aware of our thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

    The difference between the two is very subtle. However, if put into simpler words, it is not that difficult to understand either. One can gain knowledge and know what is right and wrong, what is healthy and what is unhealthy, how to perform a task, how to drive, how to cook. All these things can be learned and specialized in.

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    But, the ability to decide what is right and what is wrong, the capacity to choose the right and skip the wrong, comes from wisdom. In another way, the ability to use the learned knowledge in the best and most ethical way is called wisdom. Knowing how to use the knowledge is wisdom. Knowledge can be given but wisdom cannot. Knowledge can be learned but wisdom can only be attained. An example would be the best way to understand the concepts deeply. So, for instance, all kinds of thoughts, whether positive or negative, healthy or toxic, happy or sad come to our mind.

    We feel them and know that these feelings are a very natural part of human beings. This is knowledge.

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    But understanding, observing, and staying aware and detached of these thoughts requires wisdom. Wisdom takes us to a much higher level and answers the riddle of why we are feeling in a particular way and whether we should act on those feelings or not. That judgment call depends on our wisdom.

    There have been many philosophical, religious, and educational versions and definitions of wisdom and knowledge. Nonetheless, all lead to the same conclusion. Everybody knows and has been taught about the right way of living but not all can do it really. That is where a fine demarcation comes between knowledge and wisdom. To be able to apply the knowledge, to be able to think, and acknowledge why things are the way they are, makes us wise.

    Thus, it is only through wisdom that we begin to behave beyond the petty attributes like self-obsession, jealousy, anger and instead, learn to grow as a human being filled with compassion, empathy, acceptance, and love for all. The human race has wondered and marveled for a long time for its distinguished ability to behave and think differently than other animal species.

    We have highly evolved emotional, mental, and social etiquette. But is that the end of the list? Of course not.

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    There is something very peculiar about us which makes us stand out as a species, which transforms us from Homo Sapiens into human beings. And that is called wisdom. There is a reason why people do not find peace in spite of being surrounded by all kinds of materialistic pleasures. There is also a reason why many people living a highly comfortable and rich life, leave it just like that and set out to explore something that is still unknown to them.

    In India, such ways of life are not new to us. We have always been surrounded bys saints and celibates. The culture in India has long been enriching. It has always focused less on physical pleasures and more on the seeking nature within us. After a certain point, we all begin to realize that the worldly amusements can only satisfy us on a superficial level but cannot quench our soul.