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Janie visits Nanny to ask for advice, worried that she will never love Logan. Nanny claims that marriage will create love. A year passes, and Janie still feels no love for Logan.

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Disillusioned, Janie gives up hope of ever loving Logan. Logan begins to order her to help with the farm work, and Janie says that he expects her to worship him but that she never will. She believes that a loving relationship should have the two people on equal levels, both helping each other to bring out the best in each other.

Here, she moves on to her next husband, thinking at first how different he is, but ironically, will not truly respect her, claiming ownership over her and placing her on a lower level than he.

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Joe became mayor and expected his wife to act a certain way. From the start of the marriage, clearly, Janie was silenced. She loves listening to stories, but Joe will not even let her sit with the community to hear them. Her husband tries to control Janie, and that control will soon end their marriage and love. Love is not created through control.

However, he just drives Janie away by suppressing her individuality. The same image that was used at the beginning of the text applies here. The image shows how one thing, or in this case, person, needs the other to thrive and be who they are. However, she is always the good wife, keeping her feelings to herself and obeying her husband. However, one day, Janie makes a clumsy mistake while cutting a plug of tobacco for a customer and Joe called her on it, insulting her. Janie finally made herself heard and stopped herself from being silent, insulting her husband right back:.

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Ah reckon Ah looks mah age too. Janie finally finds her voice, and stands up for herself. She shows her strength, breaking free of her stereotype. He actually treats her as an equal, caring about her wants and needs. Tea Cake engages her speech, conversing with her and putting himself on equal terms with her. Her love for him stems from his respect for her as an individual. She respected him for treating her with dignity. From the start, she felt comfortable around him.

While Jody wanted her to act pretentious and high-class, Tea Cake treats her as she wants to be treated. Through experience, she has begun to understand love more clearly, and knows that Tea Cake is right for her. She embraced her independence. Then Nanny becomes convinced that Janie needs to get married right away. Nanny chooses Logan Killicks for her granddaughter simply because he has sixty acres of land on the main road.

Nanny thinks that his land and properties would provide Janie with the security needed to be a young black woman during the time.

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Janie, on the other hand, wanted to marry a man who she really liked and did not really care about his social status. Nanny insists that choosing Logan Killicks would be beneficial and eventually Janie would love him and be happy. Janie is really. Read More. Words: - Pages: 5.

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    Janie grew up to find herself through each of her relationships. Her subdued lifestyle with her grandmother, her subdued and rather painful existence with her first husband Logan, her disillusionment after her initial enchantment with her second husband Jody, and her unfortunate killing of the The claims in the book and the poem are how African American women were mistreated and disrespected by both white and black men Zora Neale Hurston, author of the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, experienced the harshness of the reality that awaits the color of her skin by the time she was writing the piece.

    Apparently, that connotation The story is set in the south, in primarily black towns, with no mention of white people until the last chapter. This dichotomy between black The search for self and for what makes one happy is certainly central to all human beings.

    Therefore, this theme is also central in literature. For example, she tells her friend Phoeby